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Around the World


The travelers begin their adventure by getting to know the mysteries of the interior of the earth, including volcanic and seismic forces. The next section that is devoted to Asia, its vegetation, colors, and odors. Here you can find regional spices, a chopsticks practice kit that teaches you how to use chopsticks, and an elevator that transfers passengers to different heights and depths. Here you can even mold the Himalayas. A bit further, but already in the Africa section, beyond the hologram of one of the biggest diamonds, you can observe, for example, the phenomenon of a desert storm.

From Africa we reach the most remote continent, i.e. Australia. In this paradise for surfers, you can see how a wave is formed, feel a gust of wind at speeds over 120 km/h in a special simulator,as well as see a burning tree. Upon descending onto a lower floor you feel the cold, which is due to the South Pole section. For the traveler, here awaits a big igloo, real ice as well as ... a hidden iceberg. In the Antarctica section you can admire an aurora.

Next, the travelers arrive in South America, where the ground suddenly becomes muddy. Here, nature can sometimes take on a menacing face because you can encounter an anaconda. On the other hand, the colorful world of butterflies is enchanting. Meanwhile, in North America, through which runs the most famous road, Route 66, you can experience a tornado and, with a little luck, you can also see a geyser eruption!

The journey "Around the World" ends in Europe. Apart from the magic of the forest here extraordinary cultural diversity of our continent appears before the explorers eyes. You can, for example, see yourself in the image of Leonardo da Vinci or know the history of European design by admiring one of the most famous pieces of furniture from the twentieth century, the "Ghost" chair by Philippe Starck.

The exhibition "Around the World" is located in the Shelter Barracks building on the main square of the fort (the Maidan).