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With energy!


Energy Laboratory

Each exhibition within the workshop space presents a particular type of energy or the conversion of one form of energy into another. In the huge tanks one can simulate a tsunami or set an Archimedean screw in motion. Another type of wave, a sound wave, can be seen right next door. Just like a wave on the water, it too carries energy, which can be discovered through interactive standpoints. Meanwhile, Conservation of not only energy, but also momentum is demonstrated by Newton\'s cradle.

Man, in his daily activities, consumes an enormous amount of energy. How much? This can be seen in the "Energy in the Kitchen" exhibition. The energy consumed by our stoves and kettles needs to be somehow generated. The technologies associated with the production of electrical power can be seen in the exhibitions dedicated to power, at which you can learn about various types of energy sources or the principle of operating various power plants.

REenergy Laboratory

This new interactive space was opened in January of 2015. The ultra-modern exhibitions represent not only the issues related to renewable energy, but also everything that relates to waste management.

Here, we can learn how to breathe new life into a piece of trash, how a plane can be put in motion with a beam of light or we can look at our planet’s pollution from the perspective of the Universe. In the form of independent experiments and games we will also learn the age of our ears, how a battery looks in an X-ray image, what an earth oven is, or how many trees can grow from a single tree. Expect Additionally, one can experience an ecological journey through the city, an exhibition showing "Dangerous Liaisons" as well as many other attractions.

The partner of the new interactive REenergy Laboratory is the Waste Treatment Plant in Gdansk Sp. z o.o.