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The main objective of the Hevelianum Centre was to bring Fort of Góra Gradowa back on tourist map of Gdańsk.

The residents of Gdańsk were aware of the unique character off the place, marked by the splendour of its fascinating history, and equally exceptional because of its unique fauna and flora. Hevelianum Centre has become an educational and recreational venue - offering activities for children, teenagers and adults. It is a place where one can make discoveries, learn and relax in an interactive, creative and innovative way. And that means: in a modern way!

To make science interesting and popular among the public, interactive and multimedia exhibitions and popular science events are used to familiarize visitors with the secrets of physics, astronomy, mathematics, biology and geography. Visitors are also taken back in time to make them understand history’s relevance to the present time, while teaching them to be sensitive to the beauty of nature and instilling the belief that we are responsible for our planet Earth.

Science centres around the world have become an important element of education of the young generation. Hevelianum Centre is the first institution in Central Europe, where historic buildings are engineered military base for the science - centre.